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Here are a few of Michael’s pieces from Forbes.com, the New York Law Journal, American Lawyer Magazine, the Washington Monthly, and other publications.

Excerpt from Children of Armenia

Legal Affairs
Vartkes’s list
DNA’s dirty little secret
Dewey’s downfall exposes the demise of partnerships
The SEC’s latest revolution
Google’s antitrust settlement isn’t surprising
Sinking nations are pursuing legal options
Where have you gone Eliot Spitzer? (Part II)
Citigroup’s proposed settlement with the SEC fits the norm

Supreme Court
What will the Supreme Court do with affirmative action?
Court’s many options in tackling gay marriage
Justices scrutinize same-sex marriage
Supreme Court revisits corporate liability for human rights violations
What the health care ruling tells us about the Chief Justice
The Court’s answers to four key questions surrounding Obama’s health care law
Supreme Court follows a narrow path in indecency case
States’ efforts to strike down health care law hark back to the 1930s

Corporate Scandals
Can the government stop insider trading?
The obscure insider trading case that started it all
Three things we learned from Gupta’s verdict
Gupta trial comes to a close
Hedge funds, beware of using your phones, they might be tapped
Ebbers’s defense counsel shifts focus to Sullivan
U.S. Task Force sets sight on new targets
Post-WorldCom liability
Fairness defense

Higher Education
Private lessons
The most influential legal mind of the 20th century
Scandal resistant
2008 crisis sparks revolution in legal education
Life after affirmative action
Fixing the holes
Penn State’s punishment, while appropriate, will do little to help Sandusky’s victims

HP’s fiasco exposes flaws in M&A process
Overworked directors
Boeing shops around

Bonds vs. bond funds
E-business lives

Book Reviews
FDR and Chief Justice Hughes
A literary conversation among generations
One man’s castle
Active liberty
Justice on the grass
A perfect injustice (appeared in the Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies)
A Question of Genocide

The time has come to scrap the conventions
The irony of the government’s antitrust case against Apple
Corporations granted constitutional rights should bear responsibility for their crimes
Supreme Court risks further politicization in revisiting affirmative action
SEC’s Political Disclosure Proposal

A Moroccan fairy tale